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COPS Monitoring has UL listed, FM approved, IQ certified, and CSAA 5-diamond certified central stations. Five of the six central stations are actively load sharing and hot redundant. With locations in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas – regional disasters do not have the ability to impact all of the geo-diverse facilities. The sixth autonomous central station located in Maryland is approved for UL 2050 and government services monitoring. Load-sharing means that all sites share in processing the signals of the entire company to ensure the fastest response times possible. Hot-redundant means that all of the central stations are staffed and operate 24/7. Unlike other monitoring companies, COPS central stations are not “backup” sites that need to be activated and staffed in the event of an emergency.

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Many Alarm Companies offer home control and lifestyle products that give consumers the ability to control their alarm system and home automation services. However, none of them can tell their customers what happened during an alarm event!  Was a correct passcode given? Were the authorities dispatched? Is everyone OK?  With MPower we can give you peace of mind by providing the information you are missing at the moment you need it most!  In addition to viewing alarm history, you'll have the ability to view your account information, passcodes, and responding party lists exactly the way the data exists in our monitoring system, place you account on test, call the central station, and even request service.

                                                                    Severe storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, brush fires... Where on the map could you locate a central station that would never be affected by some adverse local condition? The truth is, no single location is immune to every type of local crisis.  Unfortunately, when these conditions occur near a stand-alone central station, they often wreak havoc on response times by exponentially increasing signal traffic while making it difficult or impossible to get dispatchers to work to adequately handle the surging workload. If you have ever had your accounts monitored by a company with a single central station, chances are you have experienced long response times due to local conditions.    


Reliability and redundancy depend on more than industry certifications, fault-tolerant equipment, and backup systems; they also rely on people. In addition to having backup equipment deployed at the geographically diverse locations, staffing is also balanced across the country. That way, when local conditions threaten one of the locations, we prepare by over-staffing the other locations. This strategy has proven itself effective time and time again. Instead of causing response times to average minutes (like at other monitoring companies), when local conditions strike a COPS Monitoring central station, the already low response times that our customers have come to expect may even decrease as the result of the load sharing advantage.

cops monitoring named central station of the year

Williamstown, NJ - July 7, 2014: COPS Monitoring, the largest independently owned wholesale monitoring company in the United States, announced today that it received the Central Station Alarm Association's (CSAA) Central Station of the Year award at the special Excellence Awards ceremony during the Electronic Security Expo (ESX), held June 23-27 in Nashville, TN.The CSAA is a trade association representing companies providing Central Station protection services. The award recognizes outstanding companies who perform in the highest professional manner, thereby making a significant contribution to the betterment of the alarm industry and the alarm profession while demonstrating exceptional service to their customers and community. WINNER Central Station ‘14 Excellence Awards Central Station of the Year​. The central station of the year is chosen for overall excellence in a number of categories, including:


  • Listings and certifications

  • ​​​​Hiring criteria and retention programs

  • Training, continuing education, and incentive programs

  • Disaster preparedness and recovery planning

  • Quality of records-keeping and performance data

  • Adoption of new technologies​

  • False alarm reduction

  • Involvement with industry groups

  • Quality of existing relationships customers and responding authorities

  • ​Other contributions to the industry

"Our entire team is both humbled and honored to be recognized as this year's CSAA of the Year Award recipient," stated Jim McMullen, President and CEO of COPS Monitoring. "We realize there are many first-class central stations and our hats are off to the CSAA and all its members who strive to make the industry more professional in every way. We are extremely appreciative to be commended with such a prestigious award.

Why is this important ?

For 28 Years A & A Security has counted on one company to do ALL of our monitoring of both residential and commercial alarm systems; and that company is COPS Monitoring.  COPS has been serving independent alarm dealers since 1978 and their continued success has been dependent upon one thing: their ability to help alarm dealers succeed with their clientele where other monitoring stations fail.

Through the years, COPS Monitoring has always offered the leading edge in technology and are known for their personal service. Today, COPS currently monitors over 3,500 independent alarm dealers who represent 1,300,000 accounts. However, no matter how much they have grown, COPS operates with the same values of dedication and total commitment that they did when we first signed on with them.

Reliable 24 HR Monitoring Station

  • View live account information direct from the alarm monitoring database
  • Place account on/off test
  • View alarm signal history – including what happened on each event such as: was passcode given, was dispatch made, is everyone OK?
  • One-touch buttons to call the central station and/or your service department
  • Request service and data changes










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